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Types of Campaign in Google Adwords and their needs.

There are 6 types of campaign in Google Adwords, we need to select among these campaign in accordance with our requirement.

Campaign basically defines the objective and the platform on which we want to show ads. It has a sort of settings through which we can control our ads, like – Budget, Bid strategies, location, and other features.

Types of Campaign

  • Search Network only campaign
  • Display Network only campaign
  • Search Network with Display Select Campaign
  • Shopping campaign
  • Video campaign
  • Universal App campaign


Search Network only campaign

In Search Network only campaign, we can only make Text ads that run only on Search Engines (Google and its Search Partners).

As we can see below while creating ads, we need to put your Final URL first. After that we need to provide two headlines, each with maximum of 30 characters. Next, we can customize our display path accordingly by putting 2 elements, like –

Finally, we can put description up to 80 characters.

expanded text ad

This is the Expanded Text ads format which is slightly different from Standard Text ads. We need to start creating your ads in above format, because Google will remove Standard Text ads format till the end of this year or may be earlier.


Display Network only campaign

In Display Network only campaign, we can make Text as well as Image or Banner ads that run only on Display Partner sites of Google (Google Adsense and Doubleclick ad exchange Publisher sites).

There are basically 4 types of ad that we can create in this campaign –

Responsive ad – We can make Responsive ads under this campaign, by which it can be shown on any device (mobiles, tablets, desktop). In other ad format there may be chance that some of our ads will not show properly on mobiles or tablets, while they perform well on desktop.

responsive ad

Image ad – In this ad format, either we can upload an ad by our own or let Adwords to scan a website and create an ad in HTML 5.

Image ad

In Get ad ideas from search box above, we need to provide our website URL, from which Google can take images. After scanning, you need to click on Create an ad button shown above.

In this format, we can also upload an ad by our own by clicking on Upload an ad button and then Adwords will let ourselves to upload an ad in the next step.

Ad Gallery – In this format, we can create content and image rich ads from Adwords Gallery. Depending on the purpose, we can then decide to create an ad from any gallery.

ad gallery

 App / digital content ad – It is a kind of ad for promoting any App, it let us create click-to-download ad to promote any app. We have many time encountered with ads that only shown on mobiles and if we click any of such ads then, it redirect us to Play Store or Apple Store.

app ads

Search Network with Display Select Campaign

In this type of campaign, we can make both types of ad image as well as text ad. But there are some good going features in it, like if we opt for this campaign then we can create text ad that can run on Search networks as well as Display networks.

But this is not possible in case of image ads, because as we know image ads can’t run on Search networks.

So we can take benefit of this campaign to text ads only.


Shopping Campaign

In this type of campaign, we can create Product Listing ads which we also call Google Shopping ads, so it can only be possible if we have e-commerce website. We can only see Google Shopping ads on Google search while searching for some product.

So to understand Shopping campaign, we need to understand Google Merchant Centre and its working. We can’t continue to create shopping campaign until we haven’t set up Merchant Centre account.

So we first need to create a Merchant Centre account. In this we first need to provide our website and then Merchant Centre will provide a html file that contain a small piece of code which we need to upload on our server. Once we upload it on our server, Merchant Centre will show ourselves that website has been verified.

Now, the next step is to set up feeds or product inventory of our products. Sample .csv (or Excel) file format will be provided by Merchant centre itself, so we need to download that file and then we can set up feeds for our products.

One thing which is most important in this file which we face during set up is Google Product Category. Here you can check the solutions in Google product taxonomy file format. You can download a file from here and check for your respective product category.

Once we are done with this, it will take around 24 to 48 hrs by Merchant Centre to check your feeds and if all goes well then feeds will be available for search. Now we can continue making Google Shopping ads.


Video Campaign

In this campaign, we can create video ads that run on YouTube. We can create 2 types of ad through this campaign – In-stream and In-display ads

In-stream ads – It is a kind of ad that you see when playing any video on YouTube. So sometimes when you play any video, a video runs prior before playing the main video with a skip option after 5 seconds. These kinds of ad are In-stream ads.

In-display ads – It is also a kind of video ad, in which whole video will be shown as an ad. You will see these kinds of ad on the home page of YouTube, on the top of search result when you search for something and on the related videos portion on the right side of YouTube video.

There is a prior requirement to run these ads that, your ads as video must be hosted already on YouTube. If a video that you are going to make an ad of it is not hosted on YouTube then, you will not be able to make an ad.


Universal App Campaign

In this type of campaign, you can create an App installation ad that you can run across multiple networks like – Search, Display or YouTube Networks. If you want to make App installation ad that can run on more than 1 network then, you don’t need to make separate campaign for this instead you can select this campaign.



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