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What is Remarketing and How Google Remarketing works in Adwords?

We all know that this is a world of smart living, so in order to run parallel we need to be more smart. But when it comes to marketing, we need to be smarter in understanding and implementing strategies. Among the most advance online marketing strategies, Remarketing or Retargeting is one that is being used by most of smart marketers.

Remarketing or Retargeting

It is a way to connect your business with your potential users, who show interest in your business or website but haven’t performed any conversion action. In this process you continuously show your best side to your visitors, so as to get positive and profitable result from them.

Remarketing is a way in which you chase your previously visited user (Social, Direct, Referral, Organic, Paid, etc) and show them specific ads for which they have previously shown interest. In this process you chase them by creating more attractive ads that only target your previous visitors, who are already added in Remarketing list.


For example

I have an e-commerce site, and some user have visited HTC mobile phone page on my site. Now as these are my visitors, they will be more reliable to conversion because they have shown interest on a product of my website. Now what i will do, because i have a list of user (who have seen a product or a particular category), so i will now target some specific product related or category related ads to only these users. So these users will experience ads running all over, but it’s actually not running for other users.

Now as we know that what remarketing is, it’s time to learn where remarketing works.

Where and How Remarketing Works

As remarketing is a feature for the platforms that focuses on running ads of any niche. But Google and Facebook are the two biggest platforms for marketing, so you need to focus more on these platforms.

Here we are going to learn about Google Remarketing.

Before you know how Remarketing works, you should know where remarketing works.

Google Remarketing implements through platform called Google Adwords. So before you learn how to implement, you need to visit this post about types of campaign and their roles in Google Adwords.

Now if you are aware of types of campaign and their work, you will now understand the working of Remarketing.

Remarketing works on –

  • Text ads
  • Display (Image / Banner) ads
  • Video ads
  • Google Shopping ads
  • App Engagement ads

If you need to implement remarketing for text ads, then you must select Search network only campaign.

For best implementing remarketing on Display ads, you must select your campaign to Display Network only campaign.

Similarly, for video ads, you must select Video campaign.

But there are some thresholds or conditions that you should know, because you cannot implement any of the remarketing if you haven’t fulfilled conditions.

Below are some of the conditions that are prerequisite –

For Display ads remarketing, you need to have minimum of 100 cookies for your website. That means, minimum 100 users must have visited your website before.

For Text ads remarketing, you need to have minimum of 1000 cookies for your website.

For Shopping ads remarketing, you also need to have minimum of 1000 cookies for your website.

For Video ads remarketing, there is no minimum requirement.

To check how many cookies you have and how much required, you need to check your List Size in the Remarketing List.

Now to take advantage of Remarketing, we need to set up Remarketing List. Remarketing List is a kind of list in which people gets added when they visit a website first time. So this list contains all the user who have visited your website.

These list size depends on the Devices and Browser that means, when a user visits a site from a device and with a browser, so that user will be added in a Remarketing List. But when same user visit from same device with different browser, so again he will be a new user and will be added in the list again and so is same process for device also.

Because Remarketing works on cookies, so as soon as cookies remains in a browser people will be shown ads that is based on Remarketing and once the cookies deleted or opened a browser in “incognito mode” we will not be able to show them Remarketing ads.

You can create Remarketing List or get access to your List Size from Shared Library.

Shared Library >> Audience

remarketing list size

From here you can create Remarketing List for Website, App or YouTube. For that you need to place Remarketing code on your website, which we are going to learn in next post.


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