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Complete Guide to Google Webmasters / Search Console Tool

Google Webmasters / Search Console is a tool that gives website author the authority to provide with any information and updation to Google. This is the only tool through which you can request any changes of how your website will look on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Google Webmasters Tools (GWT) lets you know about any issues or errors (Site errors and URL errors) in your site. You can also know about security related issues in website.


First of all you need to verify your website in Google Webmasters. For that you need to follow below steps :

Add a Property :

add a property

After adding property or website, you need to choose one of the option below for verification.

verification method

In recommended method, you need to download the HTML file, and upload it on  your server. GWT will verify your property once you upload a file on server.

In alternate method, you can choose either of above methods. But Google Tag manager is the best method, if you have account on it. Otherwise you can choose for Google Analytics.

Once you have verified your property, you can have access to Google Webmasters dashboard. But you will not be able to see any reports, because GWT gives you report till 3 days ago of Search Analytics.

Dashboard will look something like below –


It contains all the details, what you want to see starting from Search Analytics to Security Issues.


Above you can see in the left hand side bar, there is message category. If Google needs to send any messages and notifications about any activities that you perform or any necessary intimation, then you can find all in the Message.

Search Appearance

In this category, you can see and improve how your website snippet looks on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Google provides Structured Data facility to show some important data on SERP, as mentioned in dictionary.

You can use Data Highlighter to Emphasize (or show) some important data (like – Events, location, time, local businesses, etc) other than Title and Description on SERP.

There is no difference in showing Emphasised data on SERP, as far as we are talking about Google only. Data Highlighter will not work for any other Search Engine. For that you need to use Structured Data, which gives you code (Microdata, JSON-LD) to be implemented on those pages from where you want to fetch Emphasised data, because it should be present on those pages.

You can check for any HTML improvements to be done on your website.

You can demote or remove any of the Sitelinks from Google that you don’t want to show. Sitelinks are the extra snippets or pages on Google, when you search for any businesses by its name.

Search Traffic

Search traffic shows you your traffic that, on what queries user visits your site and on which web pages traffic is coming.

It shows you Internal links as well as External links (Backlinks) data for your website.

It shows you how your website looks on mobile, whether it’s responsive or not and what improvements you can do so as to make it more interactive to users in Mobile Usability section.

Google Index

It shows you your website index status on Google, that how many page gets indexed on Google index server.

From Remove URLs section, you can request for any webpages that you don’t want to show on Google.

For example – You want to remove some web pages that are no more important on your website, then you can request to remove such pages.

From this section Google will Deindex those pages, but if you don’t want to reinclude those pages then you have to remove from your website as well. Because if you won’t do this, then Google will automatically reinclude those pages.


This shows you how Google crawls your website, if it gets any problem in crawling your web pages or not in Crawl Errors section.

Fetch as Google section provides you the facility to index your web pages manually. This is helpful when some of your web pages havn’t indexed automatically, so that you can index them manually by this feature. Also when most of the time you update your web pages, then after every updation you should have to index those updated pages.


If Google finds any security (malware,etc) related concern on your website then it shows you in Security section.







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